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Da'wud A Prophet's Name
Daamin Guarantor, Surety
Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science


Dabbah Latch, door lock
Dabir Judge
Daghfal Name of first Islamic geologist
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger
Dameer Heart, Conscience
Damurah Sparkle of light, fire
Daniel Intelligent
Danish Intelligent
Daniyal Intelligent
Darim Name of a narrator of hadith
Dawid Prince
Dawlah Riches, happiness
Dawoud A Prophet's name
Dayyan A mighty Ruler
Dhane Hope
Dhiya Light, splendour
Dhul Fiqar Name of the Prophet's sword
Dilawar Brave, Courageous
Dildar Charming, beloved
Dinar Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit
Diya Light (Also pronounced Ziya)
Diyari A gift, or a present
Dizhwar Mean, strong
Duha Fore noon