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Waa'il One Who Returns For Shelter
Wadi Calm, peaceful
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity


Wafi Faithful, loyal
Wafiq Successful
Wahb Giving
Wahban (related to Wahb)
Waheed Unique, One of its kind
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent
Wahib Liberal donor
Wahid Singular, exclusive, unequalled
Wail Returner
Wais King
Waiz Preacher, Sermoniser
Wajdaan Thought, imagination
Wajeeh Commanding Personality
Wajid One who finds
Wajih Noble, eminent
Wakalat Advocacy, Agency
Wakeel Agent, Representative
Waleed New-born Child
Wali Guardian
Wali-ud-din Guardian of religion
Walid New-born child
Waqaar Self-respect
Waqar Respect, dignity
Waqas Warrior
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless
Waseem Handsome
Wasif Man of Qualities
Wasil Inseparable friend
Wasim Good looking
Watheq Firm, reliable, confident
Wazir Minister
Wildan Boy in heaven
Wisam Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms